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I could spend all day wandering up and down Granville street. There are loads of alternative stores, quirky and colorful characters and some excellent cafes. If you’re looking to do some shopping outside of the big brand-name stores along Robson street, this is the place to go!
— Skye Traveller, Wollongong, AUS
I visited the top end of Granville Street, near Gastown and there are loads of Alternative Clothing stores, great for goths, punks and rockers all within a few blocks, I would highly recommend the shopping here as the best place to shop in Vancouver and also really conveniently located, almost all buses pass through or near here.
— Devil_tez, Tredegar, UK
Granville Street has gone through many changes in the past years, some good some bad. It is now on its way back to its hay days
— Bruce Wyder, Canada
Granville Street has all kinds of shops to browse. It’s also a great place to people watch. Lot’s of interesting characters walking around or just hanging out or playing music.
— MiTravel, Vancouver, BC
Granville street is the place to be, especially at night. There are a lot of bars and theaters which makes it a good place for a beer and good music. If your hotel is on Granville street, the good points turn to bad because it´s quite loud until late night. With daylight, Granville street turns a little shabby - but most people prefer Granville street at night anyway
— Hasile, Merzig
Its great to go there for a couple of beers or whatever you wanna do.. Had some really good times there
— Qype User, Köln, Germany
Although the area was revamped for the 2010 Olympics,its still got some seedy spots. Its slowly being gentrified but it gets a little dicey in the evenings and especially weekends when all the drunks roam through the multitude of bars looking for a party. Someone will always ask you if you want to buds while you are on this part of Granville...
— VancouverRik, Vancouver, BC