Sweet Treats and Sweet Deals at Parasuco. / by Granville Street

So where were you? Last night I was at the Parasuco Lou Lou Magazine shopping party with the beautiful people and scored big time. BIG TIME.

For those that did not know, Parasuco has kept shop on Granville for the last year. I beelined straight up at 5:30 pm outside 630 Granville Street, peering through the windows into a sea of pink balloons. Once inside, I had a chance to bob around the store and pick out a few things I thought you, the readers might like.

One of their hot holiday looks is this sequined backless tank top. If you are young, slim and sexy, this tank top is a must have for you. I'll admit it looks a bit thick hipped in this picture. This is misleading, I assure you it's not like that in person. Blame my poor cellphone camera skills. It is beautiful and worth every penny if you want to WOW someone this Christmas. This gent's sweater and scarf set was also caliente. Nice detailing, stylish without looking like it's been attacked by a bedazzler, ha! You can see this pair outside the store in the window.

This ruffled shirt was a hit with everyone who saw it. I had one 'held' on the rack to try on and 80% of the women stopped to coo at it, even going so far that I had to fend the gals off like Jerrod for his Subway sandwiches. BACK OFF, get your own shirt! 

Once on, the slight stretch provided more forgiveness for bumps and lumps than most ruffled dress shirts and the frou frou was neither too much nor too understated. At the urgings of the amazing Ricki, a Parasuco stylist who availed himself to us, we paired it with this sweet short vest. VOILA, a showcase of J's tiny tiny waist. Gorgeous non?

A little daring for some, I also fell in love with this flashy leather jacket. The jacket had a slight skirt flare around the hips, which brought runway edge to an otherwise stylish jacket for the masses. Seen here with one of the Parasuco scarves, and long tunic sweater dresses. I love this look, don't you? The sweater is very flattering on anyone, with the rhinestone parasuco lion on the hip, and in a plethora of colors. 

Love this sweater dress!  The buttons on the cowl allowed for a versatile neckline, perfect for a sexy holiday look. Absolutely not scratchy. I tried on the dress in black and charcoal, but I saw someone make out with one of each color (red too.) Dress was on sale for approximately $90. Variety of sizes available from XS to XL.

The great thing about Ricki was, beyond his sense of style, he gave it up to you straight. Like the stylish best friend you want on every shopping trip, he found clothes that would work with our bodies. He'd never let you leave in fat pants. Ricki chirped, "Girl I'll be honest, you'be going on the front - back - and side to side. But its not the first thing I'd put you in." I was dejected but how can you argue with that!? And it was true. I was kinda bootylicious. Here J models it for you. Not as bedonkedonk as yours truly, but lovely to look upon!

On a sidebar... Guests noshed on delectable pink cupcakes and truffles, while enjoying a special 20% off. Cute non? Even cuter are the chocolate dipped strawberries in tiny little chocolate tuxedos! KAWAI!! A very nice touch.

I found these really crazy amazing wide legged dark jeans near the front door and tried them on. Unfortunately on my body type, they ended up making me look like a soccor mom, rather than the sexy svelte fashion model I had hoped to emulate. Gary the Manager but also the resident style guru, took one look and said with cutting authority... "Get her the Audreys." 

Ricky flew off to fulfill Gary's orders and minutes later tucked me into a change room with the selection. No Ifs ands or butts. This boy was firm, but charmingly so. Bust forward 2 minutes later and I found my booty encased in the most amazing pair of butt flattering jeans since I was 18. I love you Gary. Of course, you are right. 

Ladies you know its impossible to find a pair that works for you, but if anyone can find your denim Soul Mate its going to be Gary at Parasuco. Find him. He will unite you so you can live happily ever after. This is your quest.

I had a great time, and wished more of you had come.Parasuco does do denim best.

 Don't miss out on these events as they are an excellent opportunity to a.) have awesome stylist gurus like Ricky and Gary do you over b.) score some pretty awesome pre-season deals, under the guise of doing some Xmas shopping. Who could begrudge you a little sumthin' sumthin'?

Say hi to the boys when you go in!