Do you love Celine Dion? Meet her Keyboard player. / by Granville Street

It's about as close to the legend as many of us get. Fist pump your way to this talented person's workshop.


M-Audio presents:
Yves Frulla - A Keyboardist Perspective

7:00pm, Sunday, Oct 19th 2008 @ Tom Lee Music Granville Digital Centre

Come see Yves Frulla who has been the resident keyboard player for Canadian diva Celine Dion since 1990 and has recorded three live albums with her. Yves is also an experienced composer and arranger who has produced music for television, film as well as numerous songwriters and artists.

RSVP and attend this exclusive event in our newly redesigned Digital Centre and you will be eligible to win a fully equipped M-Audio Studio and more.

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