Deuces are wild! / by Granville Street

Stumbled across Granville's latest secret at 980 Granville last night. Appeared to be very "unofficial" soft opening but if the decor and food was any indication, our new secret was going to be a big big hit with the well heeled. 

For some ridiculous reason, I didn't have my "blog" hat on. Long day I guess, so pardon the vagueness of this post. 

DECOR: Chandliers, intimate lighting, Leather booths along the walls, and surprisingly comfortable chair/stools on the other side of the table. I don't know about you, but I've never been one to enjoy sitting on a stool, but these ones were ok. Beautiful wall treatment. 

The introductory menu had a modest amount of items, but was surprisingly difficult to make a choice. Plenty of delicious things to choose from at reasonable prices. Darcy, the managing partner who welcomed us to the restaurant, explained the concept of the restaurant and that the menu would likely be expanded in the near future. Beginning with the food, each menu item was painstakingly created by a chef of the 4 star resort, Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa (I think... sorry!). Each item, from it's description would be flavorful, no doubt.

We ended up sharing the Deuce Bungalow house salsa and hand made chips while we waited for our respective meals, mine the Baby Back Ribs in a Mango Pomegranate sauce, and J's a Chorizo and Beef Flank stew. J and I, we're big into dips. She makes this AMAZING humous  that I can't get enough of. I call it legendary... its spoiled me to the point where I can't eat humous anywhere else...  So we weren't expecting much, especially from a salsa. Anyways, we were just BLOWN away by the salsa. I know what you are thinking. Cmon. It's salsa. No people! This isn't just salsa. The very freshest of ingredients, the tomatoes were unbelievable sweet, a myriad of flavors. Just enough heat.

Get. The. Salsa.

Our meals arrived beautifully garnished and delicious. It was obvious that the food was carefully prepared with very fresh ingredients. J and I agreed we'd come back with the toughest critics, the BFs. Confident it'd  pass the test.