Boo! Are you ready for Halloween? / by Granville Street

Still dont' have your costume for Halloween? There's always the back up of a bedsheet Toga in subzero weather. 

Doesn't appeal? Lucky for you there are some great finds at Cherry Bomb (841 Granville St.) at their Vintage Costume Sale. They have costumes and props from the CBC wardrobe auction, popular movie and television productions, local theatre and dinner theatre, vintage mascot costumes and authentic military uniforms. 

Used Clothing Store at 831 Granville Street also has a respectable Halloween Costume arsenal. Don't miss the shop as there is a manniquin dressed like a silver sequined flapper which leads to a stairway upstairs. 

There's also an extensive selection of Halloween costumes at Camouflage (888 Granville St.). Military Regalia and more. Saw a police inspired number in the window, but more costumes were in the showroom upstairs.

Of course, for the ladies, there are some flavourful options if you have the desire to join the throngs of sexy nurses, french maids, or vinyl clad vixens... 

With quality options like these, you won't be stuck looking like you've bought it from Superstore beside Kim the 3rd grader. Thank me later. Trick or Treat!