Billy Sheehan Bass Clinic at Tom Lee / by Granville Street

8 PM Thursday November 6th Tom Lee Music Vancouver - Music Hall

Voted the "Best Rock Bass Player" 5 times in Guitar Player magazines Readers Poll, an honor which placed him in their "Gallery of Greats" (alongside Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee and Eddie Van Halen to name but a few),  Billy Sheehan has changed the way bass guitar is played. Don't miss this chance to see a true rock hero.

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Blast from the past. Check out the hair of the host. ROCKSTAR! 

A little treat because its awesome.. On a side note. Does anyone have any awesome memories to share about this song? Years back, when I was auditioning for the first Canadian Idol  (I obviously bombed else I would have the recording deal instead of Ryan Malcolm. haha!) we had a room of 500 reasonably in tune gals and boys singing this song. It was really beautiful. It almost erases the memories of slow dancing to this song in rock hard teased bangs and acid washed jeans. Oh HYPERCOLOR. Do you remember me?