Sales at Scarlet / by Granville Street

Calling all busty ladies. Scarlet Lingerie & Indulgence on 460 Granville is having a sale on selected D and E cup bras. A good selection to choose from but its a clearance situation so going soon is better than later.

Overall, there's more sales than not, the store has also previously adjusted prices to reflect the strength of the canadian dollar resulting in even more sales on brands such as Elle Mcpherson and Betsey Johnson. La Perla intimates were on sale including this cute demi bra.

60-80% of women wear the wrong size bra and a bra size will change six to eight times in your lifetime. If you suspect you might not be in the right over the shoulder boulder holder, do your "girls" a favor and let the Scarlet staff help you find something a little more comfortable. They can measure and assist with finding a fit.