New Fall Line at Urban Outfitters - under $50! / by Granville Street

Preview the new Fall Favs you can find at Urban Outfitters. All items are under $50. Bargoon.

What totally kills me is the strange stuff you find there. For example, you can get your very own Hamburger phone a la Juno. Just as fans of Napoleon Dynamite donned Vote For Pedro T-shirts in 2005, hamburger phones, which are shaped like fast food's most venerable Mcstaple, have become the hippest way to pay tribute to Juno, the indie sensation starring Halifax actress Ellen Page and directed by Montreal's Jason Reitman.

The hamburger phone earned a cameo in Juno because of screenwriter Diablo Cody's girlhood affection for the retro handset, which is also mentioned in her 2005 autobiography Candy Girl. In the film, the title character uses her bedroom "hamburger phone" - which technically looks more like a cheeseburger - on a number of occasions, complaining in a pivotal scene that it's "really awkward to talk on."

Do you covet? It can be yours.

Hamburger Phone