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Sounds like you just sign up for their enewsletter in their store or online and you are eligible to win. Note the draw date is October 10, 2008 so get your submissions in!

Thinking back to almost 20 years back, I remember one of my biggest childhood dilemnas. Play recorder or commit to the band. I knew playing the recorder would result in a semi-humiliating assembly after 3 months of squeeking out "Go Tell Aunt Rudy", but I'd be home free after that. How could I, at a mere 8 years old, commit myself to three entire months to anything? Recorder students never had to practice again after that short period. Freedom would be mine. Still, the Friendly Giant could rock it, so it had potential...

My aunt, who was living with us at the time, was really big into Zamfir (watch the video, but don't laugh :P, Zamfir is awesome! haha!) so in the end, there wasn't much of a choice. I saw the versatility of a "real" instrument, such as the Pan flute, so I decided to go with the flute. And I never looked back. If only I had the skills of this guy here.... Greg Padillo is amazing! We've come along way from Zamfir haven't we?

Tom Lee Music (929 Granville Street) is also having their Super Annual Piano Manufacturers' Sale on new and used pianos. Limited time offer of 0% financing ( can't be zero!) 

Tom Lee's Back to School Sale is also on so don't miss this opportunity to pick up a new instrument at the best price possible (Though Tom Lee Music does promise the Lowest Price Guaranteed on a regular day too)! More details in the store.