Be a Fluevog Designer / by Granville Street

Do you love John Fluevog shoes? Read on to learn how to have your design included with the Fluevog line at Open Source Footwear by Fluevog.

In his never-ending quest to give Fluevogers a voice, John unveils the latest CHOSEN design from the pre-2.0, pre-wiki Open Source Footwear Program. San Francisco-based artist Samantha Zaza submitted her wonderful design in June 2007 from her original sketch on the back of a convenient appliance manual. When John saw Samantha's submission, he pictured it fitting in perfectly with the rest of the new Fall members of the classic Mini Family. And after a little back and forth we are thrilled to present The Zaza - designed with Real Fluevogers!

If you've got a shoe stuck in your head that you'd like to see removed, and turned into a real pair of Fluevogs for the whole world, submit a drawing at Open Source Footwear. For inspiration, feel free to browse through the hundreds of Fluevoger-submitted designs, and then get started. Your ideas could become actual shoes!

John Fluevog shoes can be found at 837 Granville Street, Downtown Vancouver. BC. Sale items here..