It's Patio Season!! / by Granville Street

Guest Blogger: CeliaCat.

Lounging in the sun, sipping a refreshing cocktail and nibbling on a savoury side... this is summer on Granville.

Cafe Crêpe

The patio is a popular place to be, with 6-10 fully occupied tables snugly enclosed within gates. A great spot to watch the sunset, and there may even be street performers nearby (I got to hear some mad guitar riffs.) Martinis at $4.31, cocktails at $3.88, or get a pitcher of Draft Granville Island for $10.34.

Granville Room

Be daring- try new exciting cocktails every weekend (not for the faint of heart)! A busy but well-kept lounge. The patio has 3 spacious tables, so you won’t get claustrophobic out there.

Roxy Burger

A small and cozy patio. Come on a Friday or Saturday and get a Russel lager for $5.50 or a PBL long island iced tea for $7.25. The food is delicious, and served until 4 am. Come after the party and try their famous “Super fat” cheddar poutine! You earned it- those sick dance moves burn a lot of calories.

Speakeasy Bar + Grill

Heated patio, around 6 tables. This place is pretty popular if the crowd is any indication.


If you’re trying to avoid the crowds for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, try Centro. The 5-table patio is a little small, but the interior is huge and verrry spacious. Order house wine at $4.50 a glass, or $16 for a ½ litre.

Taco Time

Who wouldn’t enjoy a taco outside on the patio, under the shade of an unbrella? A good place if you need a quick meal or if you don’t have too much cash on you.

Lennox Pub

For all you sports fans out there. Here’s a popular place to watch some Euro football. It gets a bit crowded inside when there’s a game going on, so if you want a quiet meal go for the patio. They’ve got 5-6 tables well spaced apart. And some good food.

Caprice Lounge

Busy busy busy. Despite the enormity of the lounge, it’s still packed up to the brim. Meet some new people at this classy lounge. Get bottles of Heineken for $5.25 on Fridays, Miller Genuine Draft for $5.25 on Saturdays, and pints of beer for $4.50 on Sundays. Breathe in some fresh air on the outdoor heated patio, or sip a martini to some good beats indoors.

And for your entertainment... bartender tricks to the extreme.