Salad, it's not just rabbit food. / by Granville Street

I was walking around Granville, looking for a place where I could get a quick, inexpensive meal- I refuse to settle for greasy fast food! Just as my feet were getting sore, I stumbled upon SaladLoop.

This spacious, well-lit self-serve salad bar offers an assortment of leafy greens, fruits, nuts, cheese, potato and pasta salads, and meat and alternatives- everything you need for a well-balanced meal that’s easy on the tummy and the wallet. You can also pick up some coffee, tea, or juice, and have a bowl of hearty soup or a gourmet sandwich (grilled upon request!). Eat in or take out. A nice dining area, if you need a place to rest the rump.

I made myself a spinach salad with nuts and dried fruit, drizzled in japanese apple ginger dressing… dee-licious! A decent-sized dish for under $4. I definitely will be going back again soon.

Snackers rejoice! Even if your stomach is grumbling, go ahead and indulge. You can pile these goodies on your plate guilt-free.

- Celia Cat