Manolos and the City / by Granville Street

No doubt throngs of gals and their pals have booked cosmopolitan dates for today's momentous occasion. In honour of the long awaited Sex and the City Movie release today, today's post features the new Browns Shoes store in Pacific Center... keeper of Manolo Blahnik.

WWCD (What would Carrie Do?)
She'd probably buy them all! Fictional, Sex in the City character, Carrie Bradshaw unapologetically owned 100 pairs of shoes including Jimmy Choos, Manolos and Louboutins, averaging $450 a pair. A grand total of $40k folks. Ouch! but really, is 100 pairs that much? I'm already at 65. No need to go to such extremes, thankfully, with Brown's designer sale, these animal print Manolo pumps are on sale for $498. Love the Zebra.

If you need a pair to step out on the town tonight, they've over a dozen varieties to choose from on the curved shelving near the back of the store. The upper row of shoes are the Manolos.

Having never been to a Browns Shoes before, I was blown away by the selection of high end designer shoes. Miss Sixty, D&G, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Steve Madden, Stuart Weitzman, Chie Mihara to name a few. Here is a picture of their window display... sadly I love everything in this window. *sob* Who kept this secret from me?

WOWsa, these boots are caliente! Here's a pair of boots by Mimosa that might catch your fancy. As one uncomfortabley awkward boyfriend coined it "Honey, these look like they could... um... stay on. With all them there... buckles." If his girlfriend had been kind she would have let him visit the Apple store while she enjoyed the Designer Sale. Poor schmuck... Tho there was also a selection of men's shoes as well, same excellent quality and brands.

Back to the boots... Hot if you have the body for it. Perfect for a night out on the Granville Drag working the club scene. Buy them, let me know if you feel the hurt. I'm dying to know.

The store is well lit, with beautiful bamboo backlit furnishings while the staff is welcoming, helpful and inobtrusive (refreshing). A very comfortable experience in itself, but customers are also invited to enjoy a refreshing beverage while they shop. A nice touch of hospitality I've only seen at stores like Aveda.

A fantastic selection of shoes from special occasion, to street and office wear with fantastic quality.

Also an assortment of cute purses.

Been somewhat obsessed with celebrity culture as of late.. noticed wedges are very popular with actresses such as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. The height without the balance issues. Saw these wedges that might look good with a pair of jeans.

Overall, LOVE Browns and so happy they've hit Granville. Will be posting on them frequently... for *your* benefit, of course.

Have a Great weekend!