H&M Preview - For your eyes only! / by Granville Street

H&M's special opening last night proved that shopping on Granville Street is unparalleled. Fashionistas agreed it was the best shopping to be had in a good long while.

The location of the latest H&M is literally steps away from Granville skytrain station, making it oh so easy to access from anywhere in the Lower Mainland. The journey, worth every step.

Where to begin? I arrived to see a LONG line up all the way down the block! A definite buzz on the street. Plastic being primed in anticipation. The word was out... H&M had landed.

The store is ultra clean and quite modern. Those who remember the old Holt Renfrew digs will enjoy this hip transformation. Bright lights, White walls, and vibrant color accents. lots of space to manoeuvre even chock-a-block with a frenzied clientele not seen since Boxing Day.

What was there? In a nutshell.. Business clothing (I saw a lovely white blazer that would be great in the office. I was surprised that the blouses were so innovative. You could definitely see the european influence), casual clothing ( alot of prettty summer dresses, tanks, athletic pants, tanks), children's wear, trendsetting pieces that would take confidence to pull off, lingerie, men's wear (lots of really nice dress shirts) and some interesting accessories. A little something for everybody.

Here are a few pieces I thought you'd enjoy...

A gorgeous white sun dress. only $39.99. An awesome dress if you are slim with very little bust. I cried a little inside I loved this dress so much....

Adorable flipflops with a slight heel. Sexy and fun. Be sure to get a pedi first. Manky feet = not so hot.

Despite having about 20 Points of Sale open, they could not keep up with the exhuberant shoppers last night... with due cause. Shoppers enjoyed 25% last night at the VIP event. I enjoyed having three location to pay for my selections as being in one mind crushing line up is exhausting (not to mention discouraging). The red, purple and yellow sundresses in the above picture were only 7.99, and fit like a DREAM even on curvaeous figures. Bargoon, kids!

If you had less than 12 items in your arms last night, you weren't trying hard enough! Line up of no less than 60 ladies at one point. It will be no different when you go. Bring a girlfriend and tag team the line-ups.

Love these shoes. Don't you?

The New H&M store has two beautiful levels.

Upstairs housed the younger, trendier fare. Saw a fun hot pink tiger print dress that would have pleased me to no end during my Jem and the Holograms phase... circa 1985.

A DJ was spinning upstairs providing energetic beats through out the entire store. Plenty of selection for the gents as well. No shortage of attractive men last night.

I'm not a H&M fan girl, but last night they had me converted. I left with 10 items with a total less than $160. You just can't beat that style or price! Downtown Vancouver celebrates the arrival of H&M. Check it out today... Grand opening in less than 10 mins..