The New Kid on the Block - Yaletown Sofa / by Granville Street

So sorry, I've been sick. Working on getting more Granville news to you. A special post from a new guest blogger, Celia Cat, whilst I recoupe. Enjoy!

Need a cute, new look for the living room? Get that loveseat you’ve always wanted... at an affordable price! Yaletown Sofa Co. has just opened a clearance centre on the corner of Granville and Nelson (That’s right, clearance. Don’t you love that word?) Whether you looking for leather or fabric, ultra-modern or conventional, you’re bound to find that perfect something for your home. And you can expect to get up to 70% off the regular price at this new location!

I found this Nolan sofa in Zara Chamomile, originally $999 but marked down to $699. Comfy yet classy, perfect for the living room. And as if the savings weren’t great enough, this location is offering an additional 10% off clearance prices for the next week (from April 17)! There’s never been a better excuse—I mean, time—to shop.

- CC