Urban Mobility at Puma / by Granville Street

It's just too good! Too delish... but I have to share! Have you seen the Urban Mobility line at Puma? Designed to simplify life in urban environments, the line is chic, contemporary and well crafted. Consider this hot X-ray belt (seen above). No metal parts make it the perfect belt to wear on flights. No need to take it off for scanning. The belt buckle is made of wood and slides in with a heavy duty plastic notch. Attractive and smart. $74.99

I also love the tote (Retail: $239.99). The bag is made with soft Nappa leather, satin lining with a cherry wood bottom. They have the yellow and brown version in the store.

It's great to see designers move away from canvas and plastics. Wood has become all the rage, even with cell phones. Mike Laut's has designed the Chute, bamboo cell phone. A fantastic sustainable product since bamboo is the fastest growing wood!