Pump up the Jam... / by Granville Street

Because it's Friday.. and snowing.... I need a pick me up. Don't you?

Brings back memories... Grade 7, teased and hairsprayed bangs/spiral perm (Anyone ever get a perm without regretting it later? I have years of perms, a self imposed fro that rivals CarrotTop... It will haunt me forever :( ) , Hammer pants (purple silk no less) at a sock hop. I busted out the moves hard... A one hour event, the girls would mingle and giggle for 45 mins on one side, until someone got enough guts to get the dance started. 15 mins of PUMP UP THE JAM BLISS.

5th person to tell me a memory related to that song will get a shopgranville reuseable cloth shopping bag + $50 surprise gift certificate. Entries should have the subject line "Pump Up the Jam" and be emailed to shopgranville@shopgranville.ca.

Not me.. but bad enough to be close. "The Look" is charming in a Will Farrellesque way. -------->

PS. Yer dancing right now aren't you... I know you wanna.. Don't. Lie.