Sales at Coast Mountain Sports / by Granville Street

Meandered around Coast Mountain Sports in Pacific Centre Mall. They're kinda off in the middle of no where, accessible after an escalator off Pender, or street level from Howe.

  • All Men's Airwalk skater shoes are $39.99
  • Winter jackets and pants are 20% - 50% off. (brands include Columbia, Firefly and Soloman)
  • Ryders, Area, Hardcore, and Diva sunglasses are "buy one, get one free"
  • Up to 40% off original price on Ski, Snowboard and Hockey Skates.
  • 55% off select apparel (In truth, I didn't see much)
Download a coupon for 2 for 1 admission for the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show from their website.