Sweet Scarlet! / by Granville Street

Following the glow of pink light into Scarlet (460 Granville Street), I found myself nestled inside a classy abode of indulgences and lingerie. There is no lingerie shopping experience quite like it in Vancouver.

Greeted by a gracious and soft spoken Atsuko, a japanese shopkeeper who's elegant touch has graced every facet of store, from merchandise selection to displays, I found myself browsing through their library with titles including The Bunny Book: How to walk, talk, tease and please like a Playboy Bunny. Who couldn't use a bit of help.

I observed as Atsuko helped take the mystery (and embarassment) out of bra buying, personally assisting a young lady with a fitting and selection. Not only did she have a great selection at fair prices the styles are a far cry from your Grandma's knickers.

The prices have been sharply dropped throughout the store to reflect the strong canadian dollar. Its nice to see local businesses enticing us to shop local. With a beautiful store like Scarlet, it's easy!

In addition to this, they were celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a Buy one get one 50% off sale. The sale ends at on Saturday so you'll want to take advantage of this sunny but chilly weekend to visit Scarlet.

Next Thursday December 13 from 6 pm to 8 pm, Scarlet will be hosting a Sip & Shop where shoppers, boyfriends, and BFFs are invited to relax with a glass of wine and try on the delicious holiday designs. Free gift wrapping as well.