Elegant Arrogant English / by Granville Street

Love. love. love. the handsome selection of shirts at Dunn's. In particular the handsewn English Laundry and Mirto Dress shirts.

English Laundry woven shirts are based on selected English stripes, plaids and solid poplins from the 1960's and 1970's. The product is hand sewn and each shirt is individually laundered for fit and comfort. To be worn mainly with Denim, and never...under any circumstances with a tie. 100% Cotton

Dunn's Tailors also has a line of MIRTO (shirtmakers since 1956) egyptian cotton dress shirts with cool contemporary striping. The eye catching colors make it a good choice if you want to get noticed at a Christmas Party.

Also some 20% sales on shirts and outerwear worth checking out.

NEW: Mark New York Distressed leather jackets just in. Must see. Excellent quality for a fantastic price.