Studio Records Becomes A Cool Music Hub / by Granville Street

Did you know that Studio Records is not only a great place to see live music but is also a liquor primary record store? Seriously. How cool is that? Studio Records is looking to build a community around a shared passion for all things music. The idea behind the venue: to be a music hub where you can listen to live performances, have a couple drinks, and grab some vinyl while you’re at it.

“We want to be open during the day and be kind of a music hub for artists to come in and hang out and listen to records and vinyl and have a beer, and then at night you could through the back of the shop and get into the live music venue.” Brand & Marketing Manager Max Cunningham told Vancity Buzz.

Studio Records places a special focus on local music and artists by working with Music BC to carry as many local artists' records as possible. They also give artists an opportunity to break into the business with an open mic night every Wednesday (the best performers get an opportunity to perform on Friday or Saturday night). 

Studio Records also is paying homage to the classics not just with vinyl, but with their neon sign. “The sign is rebuilt from the original Studio Theatre, which was in this building from 1949 to 1972.” Cunningham said.

Keep an eye on Studio Records’ Facebook Page for updates on live performances.