The Nordstrom Effect / by Granville Street

 Photo from the  Huffpost

Photo from the Huffpost

Granville Street went through an incredible transformation leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics and another exciting transformation is upon us. This fall, the new Nordstrom flagship store will open. The building, formerly the white goliath Sears building, is now a glass beauty that will house three floors of retail space, the head offices of Sony Pictures Imageworks, the Vancouver offices of Microsoft and law firm Miller Thomson.

“I think the area is changing,” said Sherman Scott, a Colliers International retail broker. “Nordstrom is definitely having a big impact, a positive impact”.

Granville Street is a unique street because of its multiple uses. It’s a transit hub, an outdoor shopping mall, and an entertainment district. It also includes 40 listed heritage buildings and a number of office spaces. Despite its many uses, many closed businesses and for-lease signs speckle the street. 

The opening of Nordstrom will have positive impact on the current closures. “Directly across from Pacific Centre (Nordstrom), there are absolutely no vacancies,” Scott said. We are excited for the Nordstrom effect to ripple up the street.

See you on Granville!