Hug Therapy / by Granville Street

Hugs are more than a way to say hello. They boost oxytocin levels, lift serotonin level, and boost self-esteem – in other words, creates happiness. This summer on Granville Street The West Coast Hug Emporium is spreading this happiness via an interactive social experiment devoted to delivering compassionate, respectful, 100% inclusive, free hug therapy to all willing participants.

Pick a hug from their hug menus:


Our Appetizers are short and sweet and leave you wanting more. For example:

1. Awkward Hug (A-Frame)
Description: Lets get awkward!


The Entrees are more emotionally nutritious as they last at least six seconds to trigger the release of oxytocin. For example:

5. Happy Black Bear
Description: An old-style traditional bear hug.


The Desserts are loaded with group hugs and are just plain silly. For example:

10. Cinnamon Roll Hug
Description: A spiral hug. One lucky person at the center!