New Golf and Bar Concept on Granville / by Granville Street

Set to open mid-late October, One Under Vancouver, Vancouver's first golf and bar concept space will offer craft beers, artisan pizza and some of the world’s greatest golf simulators.

When asked why the founders, Jay Young and Ryan Hawk, chose Granville Street as a location they said:

"Our search for the ideal location in Vancouver took close to six months and we couldn’t be happier with the space on Granville Street. The rationale behind this location is directly related to our goal to alleviate the common concerns people have around the game of golf. That is, golf is too time consuming, expensive, and unapproachable. With this downtown location, people can spend less time traveling to the course, don’t need to purchase clubs or expensive tee-times, and can try a sport in a welcoming and relaxing environment." 

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