Vancouver Fan Club Announces Night Circus / by Granville Street

Once in a while something outlandish happens. A few key people get inspired, have some fancy cocktails and create something audacious. The first of those instances to happen in Vancouver in 2014 is FanClub’s Night Circus.

Night Circus is a pilot that can only be described as an experience — an experience that features burlesque, circus, live music and theatre — and instead of it happening on the stage, it happens all around you throughout the room. To make things even more interesting, each guest is given a passport upon entry. This passport has an alias, character traits and mission for guests to play along if they choose.

Think Tony & Tina’s wedding meets Cirque du Soleil with more than its share of sexy.

Following each nightly experience, FanClub will have scheduled a musician showcase to begin at 11:00pm, and DJs will close out the night. Guests who have attended Night Circus will be welcome to stay as late as they like at no extra charge. Folks arriving purely for the music showcase will arrive to a room immersed in the props and lighting associated with Night Circus.

This pilot series of 9 shows will test the market to see if our community is interested in having this type of programming on an ongoing basis. If it is successful, FanClub will make Night Circus a permanent part of their programming as of March 2014.

More info available at:

 photo: Inside Vancouver

photo: Inside Vancouver