Vancouver Has Canucks Fever! / by Granville Street

People smiling, people cheering—Granville Street after the Canucks game last night was a big bubble of happiness. If you weren’t there in person, check out this 360°view from Chris W.

Vancouverites have obviously developed a taste for impromptu public gaiety since the Olympics. As the Canucks crawl closer to the Stanley Cup finals, Granville Street has turned into the unofficial post-game meeting place for fans across the city. Cars honk, people sing, strangers hug strangers, and high-fives echo through the crowd. The air is thick with the excitement of thousands of people joined together in a moment of bliss. Inside Vancouver Blog captured a bit of last night’s magic in this video clip:

With the Canucks in a very happy place in the playoffs after last night, a patio seat on Granville sounds like the ideal place to take in the action on screen and on the street next game. Join me for a drink won’t you?