Yummy Bags at the Celebrate Coach Party / by Granville Street

Fashionistas, hold on to your bags! I have just come back from the Celebrate Coach Party in the Bay downtown and do I have news for you. Beside the herds of people mobbing the vases of freebie candy, the new boutique is filled with style and warmth. Their beautifully crafted bags and trendy designs are perfect for Vancouverites of all shapes and sizes.

After a glass of champagne and when the candy disappeared, the atmosphere changed from rowdy freebie-goers to serious shopping. This was when I could really appreciate the new Poppy collection of Coach handbags. The celebration offered 25% off all the regular priced bags and great sales on their clearance items. The Coach Handbag Boutique is definitely worth a visit!

I'm sad I didn't get to purchase a new bag but I did get to leave with some free swag of my own, a great pencil set and a little something for my sweet tooth. Though, I will be back for even sweeter bags.