Five Days of Christmas Lunches / by Granville Street

Five Days of Christmas Lunches: Throughout the month of December, YEW
restaurant + bar is featuring a special three-course, holiday lunch menu
on the weekdays. For only $29 per person, each meal starts with a daily
soup selection or roasted beet salad and concludes with a choice of Dark
Chocolate Souffle Cake or Almond & Golden Raisin Brioche Pudding. The
main course rotates every day, and repeats for each day of that month.
Crowd favourites include Roast Beef with Guinness Yorkshire Pudding and
a Roasted Venison Chop with Huckleberry Sauce. The lunches are designed
to add a festive twist to your day and provide the perfect opportunity
for a celebratory lunch with coworkers, family and friends.

Yew Restaurant - Inside the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver