Taiwanese Cooking Demo. / by Granville Street

September 4-6, 2010
600 Block of Granville X Georgia

Taiwan, an island which has embraced influences from the world for the past 400 years, Taiwanese cuisines are the tasty way to understanding the culture. Hakka, aboriginal and local derivatives of Chinese cuisines such as the famous beef noodle soup, often can be seen alongside Taiwanese dishes as the local specialties. Due to the influences of the Buddhism, Vegetarian dishes are also among world’s best with its innovative uses of spices that makes the dish simple yet packs with flavors.

Echoing the theme “crossover,” the chefs this year are challenged to prepare signature Taiwanese dishes using local ingredients from Canada. Using the recipes these chefs provided, audience will be able to recreate dishes that are uniquely Taiwan just by going to the supermarket in their own neighborhood.