Holt Renfrew teams up to do charity with Marc Jacobs and Canada Goose / by Granville Street

Marc by Marc Jacobs and Canada Goose have joined together with Holt Renfrew to raise charity. For a limited time you will be able to purchase exclusive products to Holt for a limited time. The charities are all for great causes and why not get a gift for yourself while giving back to the world?Marc by Marc Jacobs has created a limited edition tote with Holt Renfrew priced at $48 to raise funds for Vision Spring. Vision Spring is a non profit foundation that raises money to buy low cost glasses for developing worlds. In a normal situation a tailor, teacher or even a farmer would have to stop working when their eyesight degraded but with a new pair of glasses they can continue their contribution to their community and earn a living.
Canada Goose has created a limited edition gift for Christmas to give back. This limited edition toque with merino wool exterior and lined with fleece. Merino wool comes from a special breed of sheep prized for its high quality wool. Portion of proceeds will go to Polar Bears International. This non-profit organization looks to preserve the polar bear through conservation of the bear and habitat through research, stewardship and education.