Brazil Fest 2010 comes to Granville! / by Granville Street

Originally Brazil Fest was only celebrated in Brazil to teach the new generations of the rich Brazilian Culture. The world has begun to globalize so it is only natural that an area like Vancouver so rich in diversity should embrace this brilliant culture. Experience the cultural fruits of Brazil. Come to Brazil Fest 2010 for the food, the music, the dances and folklore brought down from the generations. It will all be there including performances of capoeira a style of fighting with dance and music, and soccer performances with the samba style of soccer that South America is so well known for.

August 21st 10am - 8pm
Live music, dance, performances and food

August 20th - 27th Noon-6pm
Paintings and drawings by Brazilian artist Beth Maia
“A força do Barroco” (The Power of Baroque)

September 7th 7pm
“É Proibido Fumar” (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes)