Le Chateau on Granville. Great sales and great fashion. / by Granville Street

Le Chateau on 1105 Granville Street carries very modern fasion that produce styles ranging from casual to formal. Ladies accessories cover from the head down belts to earrings, bandanas to bracelets and rings to headbands. The clothing is exactly the same way Le Chateau has party dresses, summer dresses, designer shirts, jeans and much more. Sharp business casual looks for men with styles ranging from a v-cut t-shirt with a blazer to arguile shirts over dress shirts.

On top of all this Le Chateau has great deals on a majority of its stock. Highlights for men include suits as low as $130, blazers starting at just $30 and a massive variety of dress shirts starting at $20. The dress shirts include your vibrant summer colors, stripes, blacks, plaids and designed. Women’s dresses, jeans and short sleeve dress shirts have 3 separate racks all starting at $20!