New Bread Garden Cafe Opens Up / by Granville Street

Like I told you, a new Bread Garden Urban Cafe is popping up at 742 Granville with it's Grand Opening this Friday (tomorrow).

Took a sneak peak earlier this week and enjoyed it's brightness, comfortable booths and seats, gorgeous detailing found only in old craftsman buildings. Wifi was strong. As far as coffee shops go, it's going to be a great place to catch up for friends, work on your lap top, or wind down with a lattee. LCD screens are discretely mounted so you can keep abrest of the Canucks, without the electronics distracting from it's elegant charm.

I'm planning on grabbing the window booth and watching the world go by.... Granville has the best mix of interesting faces and this seat will be one of the best on the street for people watching.

This promotion will appear on the back page of 24 hours on Monday December 21 so grab a copy of 24 hours and mosey on down there for your free cinnamon knot with purchase of hot bevy.