The Refinery is Open for Yumminess / by Granville Street

In the up and coming Granville dining district, just up a flight of 37 rustic unfinished steps is a hidden New York worthy space. The partners of SIP Resto-Lounge, Peter, Ray and Ryan relaunch The Refinery this week.

Chef Michael Carter's menu introduces elements of charcuterie, cheese culture, cured and fresh seafood, fresh breads, antipasti and all things market fresh to the Granville scene. Nothing but the best, and most of it from BC. A very small, discerning collection of international fare is also included in the offerings.

Indulgences aside, the restaurant touts a sincere commitment to sustainability as evidenced by the decor and the sourcing of the best local wines, cheeses and meats. Chef Carter and General Manager Lauren Mote admit to expeditions to the Okanagan to hand pick vegetables to pickle for the fall menu. The Refinery is also a member of the Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Program.

The tables are manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw with the large communal table (pictured above) made from waste and recycled British Columbia Douglas Fir Trees. Reclaimed fir beams from a vintage home roll up the walls in an elegant curve (below). Such a unique space, I've never seen anything like it. Who knew ethical could be so sexy?

I sampled some of their cured meat and cheese boards garnished with a selection of flavourful dried fruits and mixed nuts. Oddly enough the cured meat was comforting while flirting on the edges of adventure.

Similar to a pizza, fresh baked flatbread is topped with ingredients such as brie, prosciutto and onion jam or red wine poached pear, stilton, walnuts then served hot. I admit to surpressing a small grunt of pleasure as I savored one flatbread in particular as the brie made sweet sweet love to the onion jam in my mouth, leaving me wanting another... or a dozen.

I didn't have an opportunity to try the sour cherry goat cheesecake but it's on my hit list.(as it should be on yours)

Check out Granville's new charcuterie inspired restaurant, an new world eatery with an old world feel.
Visit their website and watch their video. Peter Raptis, one of the partners gives you the one minute tour - from their 'green' decor to his illicit adoration of spandex. Funny!