Learn the World of Sake at Shuraku... / by Granville Street

On July 2nd, Vancouver's first sake bar - Shuraku Japanese Bistro - is collaborating with Japan's renowned sake maker, Yoshi-no-Gawa, to host a Japanese Sake Maker's Dinner.

Guests will be offered an educational tasting of five kinds of premium sake ranging from Honjozo, Junmai, Organic Junmai, Ginjo & Dai-ginjo, alongside multiple courses of traditional Japanese cuisine. Learn about the sake making process, the history behind the brewing, and pairing dishes using vinegar, salt, soy sauce, miso, and sugar.

Seats are limited, so make your reservations now! For more info on the event or to make reservations visit www.shuraku.net or call 604-687-6622.

Date:July 2, Thursday
Venue:Shuraku Japanese Bistro 833 Granville Street, Vancouver
Time:6pm – 8pm
Price:$60 (including tax and gratuity) per person (over $75 value for sake alone! )
Please contact info@shuraku.net to reserve your spot today.