Granville is a Great Street! / by Granville Street

For those of you who aren't aware, Granville Street is in the midst of a makeover which will result in some sexy new improvements. New wider sidewalks, a Civic Plaza and flex parking are the three of most significant improvements to look forward to.

Exposed aggregate sidewalks will be seeded with light blue glass, and some previously puny sidewalks (8 feet) will be expanded to a comfortable 18 feet. This means the street will be host to generous sized patios.. something many of the restaurants and pubs are working on getting up and running as soon as this summer.

Many of you are enjoying our tip of free parking from the 1200 to 1000 blocks of Granville from earlier in the year. This temporary reprieve from parking fees has been implemented during the construction, but once construction is complete - will revert to paid street parking in most locations with a single pay kiosk rather than a meter at each parking spot. Giving more space for maneuverability. Cars will drive up over the low lip of the curb and park right on the sidewalk between the bollard protected trees. These parking spots will be subject to parking regulations once implemented but will keep the 2 lanes in each direction free of parked cars.

The 700 block has been designed with two uses in mind. A flat space to host events, and a transportation hub for the buses that will link up with the Station. The new Canada Line Station is located on the 700 block (Sears, London Drugs and FutureShop) - the same location as our new civic space so arriving at events for this venue will be a cinch! Keep your eye on Granville Street as the future home of many outdoor urban festivals, concerts and events. Maybe even a Sunday farmers market! It could happen!

Special LED lighting exclusively on this block will change with the season/event. Red Green for Christmas, or Green for St. Pats... should be pretty.

Fear not Treehuggers, the trees will be replanted in the fall. Those large 3 foot wooden circles in the sidewalk are actually placeholders for tree pits, which will be the new homes of young beech trees, to match the older more established beeches on the 500 block.

Pedestrians have full access to all the businesses during construction, which is estimated to be complete by November 2009. So don't be shy... Come witness history in the making... the building of a great street.