TONIGHT: So You Think You Can Dance Winner at Caprice Nightclub / by Granville Street

If you love So You Think You Can Dance (the Canadian version obviously), then you don't want to miss this. Caprice Nightclub presents Pinup Saints: the dance troupe/band that season 1 winner of SYTYCDC Nicholas "Nico" Archambault has since joined.

Pinup Saints are in town to promote their latest album, Golden. But, if the singing part isn't your cup of tea, there's no doubt that going for the dances and choreography alone will be worth it. The show is held at Caprice Nightclub, doors open at 8PM and tickets are $30.00.

Archambault describes the show as "'s very, very risque and provocative. It's like a rock show meeting a dance company" (taken from 24 hours article). Reminds me of a certain dance performance....the Jazz Funk with Lisa anyone? If tonight's performance is anything like it then you are in for a treat. Here the video: