Spotlight: Twisted Fork Bistro / by Granville Street

The Georgia Straight has given Twisted Fork Bistro some love on their 'Recently Recommended: In On The Plate' series. Here's what they had to say:

"The 1100 block of Granville certainly isn't one of Vancouver's more soulful addresses, which makes it all the more remarkable how easily Twisted Fork Bistro - despite its shoestring-budget interior - transcends the nastiness outside. On the menu, there's an affection for French bistro classics, but the kitchen isn't slavish about it. Escargot, duck confit, and steak frites are all well executed, and the prices are among the best you'll find in the city for this kind of thing" (Georgia Straight May 7-13th).

Stop by today and check it out for yourself - Twisted Fork Bistro is at 1147 Granville Street.