International Fluevog Day is Today!! / by Granville Street

You might be asking, what is International Fluevog Day? Fluevog Day is essentially the best parts of every special day and holiday rolled into one...the love of Valentine's mixed with the celebrations of New Year's and the fellowship of St. Patrick's day. And on that day, as Fluevogians put it: "Remember to cherish your friends, park your car, serve and be served, value your soul, leave small prints, and be Fluevogian - oh and show off your Fluevogs."

International Fluevog Day in the past couple years has really taken off -Rhode Island is now considering passing laws that will make May 15th a state holiday and Rod Stewart himself has called up John Fluevog, the founder of John Fluevog Boots & Shoes, to wish him an International Fluevog Day.

What will you get on IFD? Well, this year customers can enjoy free shipping on web orders on May 14th and 15th and if you are near a store on the 15th stop by for the festivities and receive 15% off regular price merchandise. At 5:15 there will be refreshments, balloons, outfits, loud(er) music and costumes along side fellow like-minded Fluevogians.

Check out http: or stop by 837 Granville Street.