The White Party at Caprice Nightclub / by Granville Street

Thursday, April 30th Caprice Nightclub is hosting their infamous White Party presented by Bacardi. This year the theme is Ancient Greece, so get cracking on those togas and become your own God or Goddess. You will be surrounded by art, music, food and of course, drinks - like the featured Bacardi Superior Cocktails. Mmmm...cocktails.

The event is by invitation and guest list only (!), so make sure to put your name on the guest list and to arrive early to avoid lines and disappointment.

Of course, white attire is mandatory for the event. It is only named the White Party, after all.

Here's the quick and easy rundown:

What: The White Party presented by Bacardi

When: Thursday, April 30th, 2009; Doors open 9PM - 3AM

Where: Caprice Nightclub

And, all you 'Ancient Greeks' are in for a treat (sorry...did not mean to rhyme) at midnight - there will be a special performance.

The music features Jesse James, Skilla, Trevor Risk, Tyson V and Buddha, live on saxophone.