Suit Up! Granville Vancouver Style / by Granville Street

As Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother would say (a surprisingly hilarious show), suit up!

Tip Top Tailors (500 block of Granville Street near Pender) is having their semi-annual sale: 25-33% off all stock and suits starting from $100.00. So for all you guys out there in need of a suit come check it out…make Barney proud. And if you’re too big and tall to suit up well, there’s always Dunn’s Big and Tall Store, also having a sale: 40-50-60% off all stock. Dunn’s is located kiddy corner to Tip Top Tailors.

And finally, Moore’s Clothing for Men (524 Granville Street) is having their winter clearance sale, with deals like $20.00 and up for cotton dress shirts. So, go nuts and sale-suit up!