EARTH = Home at The Dance Centre / by Granville Street

The environment, consumerism and social justice are at the heart of Judith Marcuse’s thrilling interdisciplinary show EARTH=home, which returns to Vancouver following an extensive tour across Canada. Entertaining, provocative and fast-paced, the work is a fable for our times, incorporating music, theatre, dance and multimedia technology to express young peoples’ thoughts and feelings about the state of our planet and where we are taking it. Each performance is followed by a facilitated talkback.

Thursday April 23 at 12 noon (for the Discover Dance! series)
Tickets $10/$7

Saturday April 25 at 2pm (family matinee for ages 10+) Tickets $15/$10 at Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver. Tickets from Tickets Tonight. 604 684 2787

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