Update: Traffic on Granville / by Granville Street

If you have a moment, come down and check out history in the making. From a logging road to a hang out for speakeasys and theatre goers and then finally the hottest nightclub drag in the lower mainland Granville has always been the heartbeat of Vancouver. We're bringing back the Great White Way!

It's not as bad as you think. Construction crews are working on the makeover of Granville Street downtown so that by November 2009, we'll have a gorgeous new street to enjoy all our debaucherous entertainments.

Cement was broken this week on the block between Drake and Davie. Access to businesses on this block such as Stratosphere Salon, 7-11 and Blendz is still full accessible by pedestrian traffic. You can't park there due to the area being fenced off, but it's downtown, and you know you find parking where you can get it, right? Download a copy of the downtown parking map to help in your quest.

Only one block at a time will be closed to vehicular traffic, so it's business as usual for the rest of the street. You can still walk, drive, bike, snowshoe, etc on the rest of the Dtreet except on this one block. If you are coming in to town, take a detour onto the Pacific or Seymour Street exits. If you are leaving, take Howe St or Burrard because you won't be able to drive the entire street. No need to stay away, just be smart about it.

A minor inconvenience for what's to come. Can't wait to see the end product can you?