Two great PUSH festival shows at Scotiabank Dance Centre / by Granville Street

This month at Scotiabank Dance Centre check out two great performances as part of the PUSH festival. The first performance is feature one of Japan’s most exciting artists Hiroaki Umeda (Jan 22-24, 8pm). His body movements borrow from both hip hop and butoh, and unfold in response to a crescendo of pulsating sound and light to conjure a futuristic, fiercely poetic landscape. Don’t miss this double bill of solos: while going to a condition and Accumulated Layout.

Jan 28 to 30, Peter Chin's superb Toronto-based company Tribal Crackling Wind in Transmission of the Invisible - Chin’s stunning multi media piece paying tribute to the Cambodians who rebuilt their country’s art in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime. Performed by five dancers from Canada and Cambodia the show incorporates shimmering video projections and evocative music.