The Twisted Fork Bistro: Impenetrable Forktress / by Granville Street

Preface: I have the good fortune to have the friendship of a food whore so I've asked him to help me review our trip to Twisted Fork. I doubt I could do it the justice it deserved. Other than, I loved it there, and I'll be back... Read on to get the downlow on our trip.

Guest Blogger and photography by: Marcos Con Polo 

Stepping in the front door, we received a friendly greeting at the door from the owner before finding a spot by the windows. The seats were extremely comfortable, a faux-fur bench along the wall with a nicely finished wooden table.We were then approached by a nice waitress, who gave us our menus as well as a basket of sourdough rolls. The rolls were a nice mix of crispy and chewy on the outside, but soft and sweet on the inside. I could have easily eaten my fill of the bread alone. (and we did)

An order of mussels arrived, a huge steaming plate of them covered with a delicious sauce of cream, herbs, some tomatoes and a pile of frites stacked on top. The sauce on its own was worth the price of the plate, and ended up being especially good slathered on the sourdough rolls.The frites on top are worth an extra mention as well, being a textural grand slam and wonderfully seasoned. The waitress recommended we use the bread to sop up the sauce, which was probably as fattening as it was delicious.

The mains then arrived, my dish of confit de canard sliding in front of me and demanding to be eaten. The food was attractively plated, and the portions generous.The confit was served on a bed of pureed potatoes, and alongside an additional helping of duck breast. There was also a fantastic mango relish, and a serving of ratatouille with perfectly cooked green beans.The breast? I found it wonderfully cooked and very moist. A nice change from the last few helpings of duck I’ve had that felt like I was chewing on an avian Sahara.The mango relish was sexcellente.The confit was a triumph as well, soft, moist, perfectly prepared and painfully scrumptious. In two words: stunning.….The potato was nicely done, managing to be silky smooth but not a pile of goo. While not in possession of a lot of flavour on its own, mixing it with the duck meat or the sauce floating around the plate proved satisfying. The ratatouille was refreshing and tasted wholesome. Obviously a well picked batch of veggies.

For dessert, we bantered back and forth about what to pick, eventually deciding on the Lavender Creme Brulee.It came to us, quite large just by itself in fact, with a compliment of baked goods (biscotti, shortbread) and several tasty raspberries on top.Cracking through the crust, the custard had only a hint of vanilla and lavender, keeping it a light dessert. The biscuits were all prepared in house. The biscotti especially deserves to be complimented for how moist it managed to be while still remaining the same crisp biscotti I know and love.After our meal, we were approached by both the owner as well as the chef, who asked how our meal was. The attention to detail and customer satisfaction was nice, and never once wandered into the territory of “Oh god please just let me alone so I can eat”.

So full. Might die.

Definitely going back.