Lunch Hour Dance Classes / by Granville Street


The best exercise is always the one you actually do. Dancing is fun! Get fit and have fun in new lunchtime and Saturday morning exercise/dance classes or weekday evening classes.

Salsacise: men, women, all ages welcome, no experience required, not a partner dance class!
Great music and a fun way to exercise! Salsacise teaches the basics of salsa (and other Latin dances) done to hot Latin music for the purpose of cardio exercise. Get off yer butt, dance/exercise the lunch hour away, burn calories with a smile on your face and Latino rhythms coursing through your body. Go back to work invigorated. Starting THURSDAY Jan 22 12:05-12:55, 8 weeks.

Sensual Hip Hop: all ages, women only, no experience required: a sensual hip hop style for ladies that fuses hip hop, jazz and Latin movement: Spend your lunch hour taming your curves so you can justify that ice cream binge later. Angela’s suggestive yet feminine moves taught in this class are also easy to do at a club. Not a choreographed routine like our PussyKat doll classes, this class is more freestyle and cardio/exercise oriented.
Starting TUESDAYS Jan 20 12:05-12:55, 8 weeks.

Beginners Jive/Rock n Roll: partner dancing, no partner required, open to men and women, all ages;Danced to rock 'n roll, big band, or rockabilly, it's fast, fun, and the easiest dance there is. Registration in advance recommended. Starting Wednesday Jan 28 12:05-12:55, 8 weeks.

House Dancing: men, women, all ages welcome, no experience required, not a partner dance class!:
Roll out of bed, grab runners and a coffee and wake up with a driving beat that makes you want to move!
This class crosses house dancing with an aerobic workout. ‘Jacking’ movements, footwork, and a smooth style gives this class a fresh edge. Starting Saturday Jan 17 10:00 –11:00

All classes are $79.05 & GST (or 2 classes for $119.05*, 3 for $143.81.*) for 8 weeks, but you can drop in for $13. (no drop-ins to Jive)

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