Gift Ideas from Scarlet Lingerie / by Granville Street

Scarlet Lingerie and Indulgence (460 Granville Street). A great shop for the holidays if you want to indulge your inner diva, tease and tempt, or just snuggle down in luxury. Oh yeah, there's present possibilities for other people as well. hehe...

From fuzzy handcuffs to soy massage candle (soy melts at a lower temperature than wax so it can be safely poured on your lover for a hot moisturizing massage) Scarlet has many items to enhance your playtime.
  • Cosmos Steamy Sex Games - $10.95
  • Preprinted coupons - $8.95

Other great items are...

25% off all La Perla Brand Merchandise.

Bedhead PJs - On sale for $128.95

Don't you hate it when you show up to a party and *she's* got on what you've got on? While you'll never experience this amount of mortification on a panty level, Mary Green Earth Panties will appeal to your inner environmentalist and style pioneer. Made from scraps of "new" materials, each thong is unique. Only $23.95 each.

A weekend of undies, in a variety of sets (from thongs to full backs, all nicely trimmed with lace. Also available in cotton) - $148.95

Mansilk Silk Boxer

Men's silk boxers are also on sale from $24.95- 29.95