Didyaknow? Urban Behavior Outlet / by Granville Street

Yaletown Sofa, and Lorne Mayencourt are gone from the old Kripps Pharmacy building.

Urban Behavior has opened a new outlet store at 994 Granville Street. Great news is, all the best sales from all the other UB stores have been consolidated at this one location. Even better is that there's some fantastic finds in denim - One of them being $10 jeans. There's a variety of price points, and dozens of styles, but yes, folks, there's several styles of jeans for $10 freaking dollars. How is that even possible?

The store reminds me of Fields, but really, what bargain hunter cares when fashions are marked down 70%? Mens and Womens.

Anyways, check it out when you can... They'll be there for the next 6 months.